Andrea Borgarello Photographer

About Andrea Borgarello Photographer

Andrea Borgarello

Has over 10 years experience working in Photography and Development within organizations such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the Italian Government.

He holds a Diploma in professional Photography at the Washington School of Photography and a PhD and 2 masters' degrees in Development Economics.

He has field experience in almost all the African Countries, including a 2 years of consecutive permanence in Mozambique.

He published a photographic book with the African Development Bank (Portraits of Transformation), and one with the World Bank (Land for Life) and produced hard and soft public information materials for several projects with the World Bank, the Italian Government, the African Development Bank and various NGOs.

He works as a freelance photographer, documenting social and anthropological issues for Italian and international magazines.

His experience includes developing projects with Palestinians in the refugees camps of Lebanon, with Karen IDP in Myanmar and the African refugees in Malta. He documented the Greek Crisis, 5 street artists in New York and a Gypsy community in Italy.

His work has been exhibited in the US, Italy, France and Croatia.